How to play.

Choose a Faction

You can join The Imperium, The Death Guard, The T’au/Eldar Alliance, or The Orks. This season, The Imperium is on defense, meaning they will battle nearly every week. Defend the Imperium’s stronghold or take the land that’s rightfully yours?

(You can change Factions later, but it will come at a cost.)

Create your Character

You will start with a base-level figure. This figure will sometimes end up joining the battlefield in the weekly show. Give this figure a name and a biography. Why do they fight? What is their goal? You’re encouraged to roleplay this character via your Faction’s bulletin board and Discord. Your figure will gain experience and level up based on a number of factors (minutes watched on Hyper RPG, money tipped to Hyper RPG, time spent active in the Hyper RPG chat, battles your figure has survived, etc.) By leveling up your figure, you increase your army’s Power Level and, therefore, your army’s Influence.

The Game

You have arrived in a mostly empty, resource-rich solar system. If you are a part of the Imperium, you arrived first and laid claim to as many sectors of planets as you could. If you are any other Faction, you were hot on the Imperium’s trail.

How to Win

Your goal is for your Faction to have the highest Influence by the end of the season. Whichever Faction has the highest Influence will be the new team on defense in season 2, defending their land every week in battle.

Influence Explained

Influence is a score measured by a number of factors including:

  • Your Faction’s Power Level (a sum of all the figures’ Power Levels)
  • 10 x Number of sectors controlled
  • Sum of point value of sectors controlled
  • 2 x (planets with a Faction’s army present)
  • -5 x (number of battles lost)
  • 5 x (number of battles won)
  • Bonus for controlling an entire planet = to 10x sectors on the planet
  • Resource Cost ÷ 1000

Influence Notes

You may notice that the Imperium has a higher chance of winning the most battles as they’ll be battling the most. However, since the Imperium is on defense in Season 1, they can not take over a new sector; they can only control what they already have. Take sectors away from them!

Resource Cost Breakdown:

  • 10 Food = 1 Ore
  • 10 Ore = 1 Promethium
  • 5 Promethium = 1 Worker


Mining Resources

Resources help your army build recipes that increase mining production, create power-ups for the Command Point Phase , and can be stored to increase your overall Influence (stored resource costs divided by 1000 are added to your Influence score).

Your individual character can mine food (the most basic resource) for your Faction by participating in Hyper RPG content in the following ways:

  • Watching Hyper RPG shows
  • Being active in the Hyper RPG chat room
  • Tipping to Hyper RPG shows
  • Subscribing to Hyper RPG

Your Faction can also gain resources by:

  • Building recipes that mine more efficiently like an oil drill
  • Picking up resources on the battlefield in the weekly show
  • Stealing resources from a Faction in the Command Point Phase

Proposing Actions

You can anonymously propose an action for your army to take on the Bulletin Board. Once an action is proposed, it can be upvoted or downvoted by the rest of your Faction.

The Faction Leader will take highly upvoted actions and implement them during their appropriate Action Phase. The Faction Leader will be appointed for Season 1, but every following season, the Leader power will shift to the highest XP player (a player won’t be Leader for consecutive seasons).

Actions you can propose are:

  • Builds to be made
  • Moves in the Command Point Phase
  • Army tactics on the battlefield in the weekly show

Command Points

Every week on the day of the show, the Command Point Phase will begin.

90 command points will be divided up amongst the Factions based on participation throughout the week. These Command Points can be spent throughout three rounds of play.

Command Point actions you can make include:

  • Moving troops to a friendly controlled sector
  • Performing recon on non-friendly sectors
  • Firing overwatch on potentially invading armies
  • Attacking non-friendly sectors
  • Stealing resources from non-friendly sectors
  • Attempting to recruit troops from non-friendly armies
  • Attempting to destroy builds in non-friendly sectors
  • Building in friendly sectors
  • Defending your sector in a last-ditch effort
  • Retreating from your current sector to a friendly sector

Battle Power-Ups

You can purchase power-ups during the weekly battle that affect the game in real time.

Drop in a friendly unit, give your Faction a re-roll that can be used to redo bad rolls, give units a +1 to hit, etc. Helping your Faction win a battle is essential for your army to increase their influence. In the case of all non-defending teams, winning a battle means getting a bonus for winning and controlling a sector as winning the battle boots out whoever currently controls the sector and gives you control of that sector.