Weekly Command Point Distribution

The night before a show, 90 Command Points are divided between the factions. Each faction starts with a base 10 Command points. The remaining 50 Command Points are then divided among the factions based on a percentage of total tips and bits spent by their members throughout the week.

Example Command Point distribution for weekly tip and bits:

Tips and Bits for the Week

Percentage of Total

Earned CP

Base CP

Command Points







Imperium of Man






Ruinous Powers






The Alliance












Command Rounds and Actions

There will be three rounds where Command Points earned can be spent.

Round One

10:00 a.m. PDT

Round Two

12:00 p.m. PDT

Round Three

2:00 p.m. PDT

Command Resolution

Each Round of Command Actions will be resolved in the following order:

  1. Defensive Actions
  2. Neutral Actions
  3. Offensive Actions

Defensive Command Actions


A Faction can spend a high amount of Command Points to completely defend one sector. This can be spent in Round 1 or 2 only, and it prevents the faction from participating in the next round.


A Faction can retreat to any friendly Sector at any point. A roll for each Build in that Sector will determine if it is relocated as well; succeeding on 3s or better. If they fail to bring a Build with them, it is left for the next Faction to claim.


A Faction can choose any number of troops to fire Overwatch at any time. They fire out at those who may be invading their Sector, killing invaders on rolls of 5 or 6.

Neutral Command Actions


A Faction can move any number of troops from one Sector to any Sector they control.

Price is adjusted based on how far you are moving.

A Faction can move any number of troops to an uncontrolled Sector and take control. If more than one Faction attempts to control an uncontrolled Sector, a scuffle will occur.   Each faction’s troops roll a D6 head to head where the lowest rolling troop dies. The Faction with the most troops at the end of the scuffle controls the Sector, forcing the losing Faction to retreat back to the Sector from whence they came.


A Faction can send a troop to perform recon on a Sector. Recon succeeds on a D6 roll of 2 or better. Successful Recon provides the Faction knowledge of who controls the Sector, the amount of troops there, its geography, and any Builds constructed within. Price is adjusted based on how far away the Sector is that you are reconnoitering.

Offensive Command Actions

During Command Point rounds, once an Offensive move has been made on a Sector, that Sector is locked. No other Factions can perform an Offensive Action on the Sector.


A faction can send any number of troops to attack a Sector. Each troop sent who survived the defender’s Overwatch will roll a D6 attack against a defending sector’s troop. If the attacker beats the defender’s roll, the defender is killed; otherwise the attacker is killed.

Those troops that survive the attack will then need to roll to escape. D6 rolls of 3s or better escape successfully. Rolls of less than 3 results in death.

If the defending sector troop count falls below 25% of that before the attack, the defending faction will retreat to their nearest controlled sector, leaving the attacking faction in control of the sector. The surviving attacking troops remain in the sector and do not need to roll to escape.

Price is adjusted based on how far away the Sector is that you are attacking


A faction can send any number of troops to a neighboring Sector to attempt to steal resources from that Sector. Stealing can be in the form of a RAID or PRECISION operation.


A Raid is when a faction sends troops to steal resources randomly from a neighboring Sector.

For each troop entering the Sector that survived the Sector’s Overwatch a D6 is rolled to determine the resource stolen. A roll of (3) or less steals Food. A roll of (4) steals Ore. A (5) roll gets some Promethium. A (6) absconds with Troops.


A Precision Raid is when a faction sends troops to steal a specific resource from a neighboring Sector.

For each troop entering the Sector that survived the Sector’s Overwatch a D6 is rolled to determine if they can successfully find the resource; succeeding on a roll of (4) or better.

For each successful Raid and Precision Raid, a D6 is then rolled to calculate the amount stolen. For any results of (0) or less, the troop dies.


(D6 - 1) x 10


(D6 - 2) x 10


(D6 - 3) x 10


(D6 - 4) x 10


A Faction can send an influential unit of high Power Level to attempt to recruit Enemy Troops to their army. The Faction must have a 10 Power Level unit within their ranks (players of the metagame who have leveled up to this level only) to attempt to recruit.

If the Sector is uncontrolled, the recruiting Faction automatically gains 6D6 Troops; succeeding on (3+).

If the Sector is controlled by an enemy Faction, the recruiting Unit must roll a D6 to determine if they succeed to enter the sector. Rolls of (1) fail to enter the Sector.

If the recruiting Unit succeeds to enter the Sector, they gain 6D6 Troops. If the roll is higher than the total amount of Enemy Troops in the Sector, the Unit recruits all of the troops in the Sector.

The recruiting Unit must then roll to escape with the newly recruited Troops by rolling a D6; succeeding on (4+)

Rolls of (3) or less, the Unit loses 3D6 of the total recruited troops automatically. If the number is less than 0, the recruiting Unit and all recruited Troops die.

DESTROY (Not Implemented)

A Faction can spend 1 Command Point per 10 Troops to attempt to Destroy a Build in an enemy  Sector.

Builds have a Wound level and a Defense level. The troops will need to roll higher than the defense level to inflict the necessary amount of wounds to Destroy a build.

Builds must be Destroyed in one round. Builds restore to full Defense and Wound levels at the start of each Round.